Our Concept

The innovative division of the public space into three parts gives anyone who steps into the room a sense of release, a clear mind and the desire to embrace the life with ease.

Due to the fact that the structural wall is difficult to modify, the diamond shape public space is designed to be divided by wood and tiles into three areas: the porch, the living and dining room and the reading zone.

The bright living and dining area is differentiated from other functional areas by the grey floor tiles. Between the living and dining areas there is a set of cabinets which adds to the modern taste of the design but does not block the view. With these cabinets, the living room is connected with the dining room without too much crossed lines. In the dining room, a refectory table in its original color and shape and some blue green leather chairs guarantee a delight and pleasant meal with loved ones. The designer excels in the art of color and brings orange cushions and Italian chandeliers into the room. By the window, a row of cushions are placed on the white book shelf so the scenery outside the window would be enjoyed with comfort during the coffee break by the window

Project Detail

地利根德閣 Tregunter
Size – 3034 Sq.ft.
Location –
Type – Residential
Resident – 4 peoples
Layout – 2 Living Room + 4 Bedroom


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Tel – (852) 2104 0286
 Facebook Messenger – SamsonWongDesignGroup

WhatsApp – 9139 5829

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