Our Concept

A Lush Retreat into the Futuristic Green

A Sheung Shui country house with luxurious flowering tree views and space to party dishes up the ideal retreat home for city dwellers. Yet, this clean-lined rural gem keeps pushing the boundaries with a slightly eccentric architectural style that characterizes the treatment of the exterior. The garage canopy is a piece of pointy inverted triangular installation art, its great and magnificent form takes up more physical space and public attentions than ever, and wins over with cutting-edge geometric engineering.


With an eclectic mix of a the smoky charcoal grey stone staircase and the moss grass green carpet running alongside it, the designer has certainly achieved his goal of balancing cool and natural coziness. LED lights at night simply add to the magic of the gorgeous structural shape, which also serves as the ideal spotlight for the owner’s private sports car collection. Apart from its Walnut and marble finishing throughout, broadened staircases and multi-layering floor slabs offer vertical space full of possibilities to best present the interior architecture concept.


Set against the vivid, energetic backdrop of the country greenery, a dash of pea green ornaments added to the interior and furniture in organic forms sweeps away any hardness of cement boards. A tailor-made white cast stone dining table, dotted with big round ornaments and table trestles of tempered glasses creates an imposing impression of effortless floating. Complemented with a sleigh-styled silhouette pointing straight to the outdoor terrace, this ultra-smooth dining table makes sure the living areas inside and out are beautifully connected.


By uniting transparent, light glass and solid, heavy marble, designer Samson creates an intriguing contrast in the terrace garden. Bronze statues gaze over the fish pond, where light melts into water and where freely swims a Koi or two. The long slim TV console inside joins hands with the outdoor area in a cohesive manner. Knocking through between the two small rooms, the master room embraces natural lights with a fearless open plan, while returning to the natural palette of modern elegance and wooden warmth. The tall reflexive mirror screens separate between the master bathroom worktop and walk-in wardrobe which maximizes the available space.

Project Detail

House At New Terriorties
Size – 3600 Sq.ft. + Garden
Location – New Terriorties
Type – Residential
Resident-3 Peoples
Layout-2 Living room+3 Bedroom+1 Study Room+Garden+Basement


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Tel – (852) 2104 0286
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